The community of TYCOON69

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between a short-lived trend and real innovation? Key points certainly are Information about the newest developments in technology, Connection to the companies and people who are creating these technologies and making them ready for the mass-market, and a Community that is using and improving the finished product through interaction and feedback.

This is exactly what Tycoon69 offers to every single member of the Tycoon69 community.

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TYCOON 69’s mission

Our mission is to offer our community a wide range of products based on the latest technologies.

Members of the Tycoon69 Community will also have the opportunity to get involved at an early stage in new products being developed, thus benefiting of the best conditions.


Tycoon69: the Blockchain based economical ecosystem of the future

Tycoon69 connects the online world to the offline world. While most cryptocurrencies can’t be used routinely and are only attractive for speculative reasons, Tycoon69 offers the possibility to use cryptocurrencies in everyday's life in the simplest possible way. The community is powered by its own cryptocurrency, the T69 Token, which gives access to the whole economical ecosystem. The T69 Token will be the internal currency inside the community, giving access to cashback and commissions with every transaction. First, the T69 Token is exclusively offered to community members, who will thus benefit of the token’s fixed price progression, before being offered on public exchange. The economical ecosystem the T69 Token gives access to, will include, among others, gift cards, cashless payments, e-commerce, special deals, cashback, but also future products currently under development, like our real-estate backed coin, or a commodity backed coin. The whole system is based on Tycoon69’s own Blockchain using the latest and most technological standards, rendering it independent, decentralized, secure, and fast.